About Family Service Center of Galveston County

Family Service Center of Galveston County (FSC), a nonprofit agency assisting Galveston County residents since 1914, is the only agency in Galveston County that provides comprehensive outpatient mental health counseling services to its residents regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, diagnosis, or economic status. Our mission is to promote the mental health and wellbeing of indviduals and families through counseling, education, and prevention.

FSC believes that the family is a basic and essential institution that needs to be supported and strengthened so that children, adults, and our communities can function well and live as optimally as possible.
Family Service Center serves members of Galveston, Liberty and Chambers Counties regardless of age, race, gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual identity.

Scope of Service:

As Family Service Center enters our next century of service to Galveston County, we will build on the legacy that has been handed down to us – a legacy of strength, hope, and community – a legacy of connections. FSC works with children, individuals, families, and couples to help them discover and build their connections, which we believe provide them with the courage to confront barriers, the energy to build stronger families, and the promise to believe in possibilities for the next generation.

FSC provides high quality affordable and oftentimes free prevention, education, and mental health treatment services throughout Galveston County in various school, community-based, and office locations. FSC’s goal is to increase access to quality, affordable mental health care by being a resource to the community and providing services to increase hope, build on strengths, and make positive changes. Primary emphasis has been on providing mental health services to individuals and families who have been affected by problems in living as well as traumatic life events that impact their ability to function as responsible and fully-functioning individuals.

Family Service Center believes that the family, whatever its configuration or unique financial, living, familial and cultural dynamics may be, is the basic and essential institution that needs to be supported and strengthened so that children, youth and adults can pursue healthy, independent and fulfilling lives.

Moving Forward

Family Service Center strives to be a center of excellence in achieving its mission of strengthening families and supporting communities. Towards this end, FSC conducts quarterly program reviews to evaluate for program effectiveness.

FSC employs a professional staff of skilled clinicians who hold degrees in Psychology, Social Work, Counseling, or closely related disciplines. Our clinicians join clients in identifying solutions to meet and respond to life’s challenges. Family Service Center provides supportive services to help with the prevention of family problems, conflict, delinquency, and abuse. The agency’s mission is designed to build the skills of youth and families for goal achievement, problem solving, team building, self-help and mutual aid. Family Service Center seeks to have a continuum of treatment programs and prevention activities that meet the needs of the community.

Finally, Family Service Center is working towards a more stable financial base. The nonprofit world is often uncertain, but excellence in planning and development requires a degree of financial certainty and ability to invest in innovations. Towards this end, Family Service Center seeks to build on the reserve funds established during our 100th anniversary in 2014, to ensure the next century of service to Galveston and surrounding counties. We seek to remain accessible, affordable, and available to all persons of all income levels.

Office Addresses:

2200 Market Street, Suite 600
Galveston, TX 77550
Phone: (409) 762-8636
Fax: (409) 762-4185

2401 Termini Street, Suite C
Dickinson, TX 77539
Phone: (281) 576-6366
Fax: (409) 938-4849

Email office: centero@fscgal.org

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