STAR Counselors Making a Difference!

By Laura Jordan, MA, LPC, LMFT-A

This past school year, Family Service Center developed another relationship with a local school in order to provide STAR services to students that the school staff felt would benefit the most. One of the first children I saw, Jenny*, was getting into a lot of trouble at school and was clearly having problems at home as well. When the school counselor talked to me about this child she talked about her home life and the difficulties she was experiencing at school. She stated that the child’s mom was very excited to enroll her daughter in the counseling program due to her own positive, personal experience with a similar program when she was a child.

As the weeks went on and Jenny received bi-weekly counseling sessions, the school counselor reported improvement in Jenny’s behavior as well as an improvement in her appearance. This child reportedly started having her “hair done” and her stained, ripped clothing was replaced with clean, tidy clothes.

Through counseling Jenny flourished as it provided her with consistency, undivided attention and praise for her accomplishments in school related activities, such as hearing praises about the wonderful lettering she worked on and the beautifully detailed pictures she drew. Her teachers and other staff of the school reported improvement in her behavior in the classroom as well as improvement in her grades.

This child is one of the many examples of how much impact STAR services can have within the community. Everyday STAR counselors travel to various schools in the Galveston County community to deliver much needed services. Funding from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services plus the dedication of the STAR team make this possible. So let’s hear it for the STAR Program!

The Star Program (Services To At-Risk Youth) is a state-funded child abuse and delinquency prevention program that provides short-term individual, family and group counseling services to youth under age 18 who have risk factors for child abuse, delinquency and school dropout in Galveston, Liberty and Chambers County. STAR program helps bring out the best in family life through communication and cooperation. Services are available at FSC offices, schools and community-based settings. Services are free to families who qualify.

*The child’s name in this story has been changed.

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